Submission Guideline

All manuscripts (no less than full 8 pages) are submitted via the Electronic Submission System. New authors should create an account prior to submitting a manuscript for consideration. Or you could submit your abstract/full paper to email "

Submission format: All submission must conform to the formatting instructions of the Conference Proceedings. Each submission must be in English, in PDF format, and include the following items in the first page: 
(1) the title, 
(2) the names and affiliations of all authors, 
(3) contact author’s email, address and telephone number, 
(4) a brief, one paragraph abstract of the paper, 

>>Word Template

>>LaTex Template 

Any submission deviating from these guidelines will be rejected without consideration of its merit. 
It is recommended that a regular submission begin with a succinct statement of the problem being addressed, a summary of the main results or conclusions, a brief explanation of their significance, a brief statement of the key ideas, and a comparison with related work, etc. 

Authors should observe high standards with respect to publication ethics. Falsification or fabrication of data, plagiarism, including duplicate publication of the authors’ own work without proper citation, and misappropriation of the work are all unacceptable practices. Any cases of ethical misconduct are treated very seriously and will be dealt with it.